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World Class Ice Sculpting, Sand Sculpting & Pumpkin Carving.  Enjoy looking over the website & our social media, follow us!  If you ever have a question, never hesitate to call.  Our customer assistance hotline goes straight to the top!

303-669-0168  JessParrish@CoolHandIce.com

International Recognition

Jess Parrish & Cool Hand Ice have been around the world  to perform in front of crowds of amazed spectators!  In 2014, Jess & his teammates won the BP World Ice Art Championships in Fairbanks, Alaska.  Their multi-block piece called, “Maidens of Birch Tree,” was truly stunning.  Jess can work with a single block of small ice at a local corporate party to international projects needing ladders, scaffolding & a team.  Cool Hand Ice, is truly, World Class.  If Cool Hand Ice is at your next event, you can expect a masterpiece!

What We’ve Been Carving Lately

We are much more than an Ice Carving Business!

Cool Hand Ice has always been carving various materials….. Sand Castles/sculptures are one of our specialties.  Also, pumpkin carving & Cool Hand Ice has been known for Jess’s phenominal talent, as well as, bringing in talent from around the world for pumpkin carving competitions, dispays & festivals!

Welcome Back To Cool Hand Ice!

Jess Parrish & Cool Hand Ice…. World Class Ice Sculpting, Sand Carving & Pumpkin Carving.  Absolutely, first class entertainment & artwork.  Parties, events, corporate parties, weddings, graduations & festivals, to name a few. Make your next event, an event to remember….. CoolHandIce.com!

Contact | Cool Hand Ice Team

Jess Parrish | JessParrish@CoolHandIce.com | (303) 669-0168

Joanna Parrish | JoannaParrish@CoolHandIce.com 

Jess often works out of A&K Ice, located in Denver.  You can find him there often times & you can feel free to contact them.  Ice sculpting is done with chainsaws & power tools... you can't always hear your phone, lol.

A&K Ice | 6330 Washington Street #6 | Denver, CO 80216 | (303) 808-8531