Recent Work...

Recent Work...

Jess Parrish

Joanna Parrish

"Maidens of the Birch Tree"
1st Place

2014 Ice Alaska's World Ice Art World Championships

You can have Ice at your summer events!

We will let you know exactly what you can expect at your icey summer event

looking for social media impact?

Ice sculptures make a lasting impression & leaves visitors longing to see them again next year

Stunning & functional ice sculptures

Whether indoor or outdoor, small gathering or festival, ice sculptures can be functional or for display

2nd Place

2015 Ice Alaska's World Ice Art World Championships


We Serve denver, the front range & beyond

Live Demonstrations

We do live demonstrations that are mostly associated with outside larger events or festivals, but we are open to creative ideas! This video is courtesy of Ice Alaska & our 5th place "Tricky Fishin" carving in the "Realistic" category.


Ice carvings compliment wedding rings, extravagant cakes, gourmet food, adult beverages & other aspects of any party. They make great backdrops & you can bet that there will be social media photos of your gathering, everywhere!

Corporate Events

Professionalism from our carvings to our customer service, company logos carved in ice can have colors & lights added to them for a striking impression. A quick consultation & you'll know the ins & outs of having ice at your event.

Consultation & Management

Are you planning a party or a festival?  Jess has been a competitor, participant, lead artist, event coordinator & an owner of an ice carving business for a decade.  Cool Hand Ice can give you professional insight & handle complex projects.


Jess & Cool Hand Ice have been featured at numerous events, we know what to expect & will fit in seamlessly. You can relax & expect world class talent.

Ice, Pumpkins, Sand, more...

Jess has been a passionate artist his entire life. He has been able to travel the world, been featured on numerous shows & has enjoyed running his dream business for many years now.

Voted "Best of Ice 2018."

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Jess Parrish

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