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World Class Ice Sculpting, Sand Sculpting & Pumpkin Carving.  Enjoy looking over the website & our social media, follow us!  If you ever have a question, never hesitate to call.  Our customer assistance hotline goes straight to the top!

303-669-0168  JessParrish@CoolHandIce.com

International Recognition

Jess Parrish & Cool Hand Ice have been around the world  to perform in front of crowds of amazed spectators!  In 2014, Jess & his teammates won the BP World Ice Art Championships in Fairbanks, Alaska.  Their multi-block piece called, “Maidens of Birch Tree,” was truly stunning.  Jess can work with a single block of small ice at a local corporate party to international projects needing ladders, scaffolding & a team.  Cool Hand Ice, is truly, World Class.  If Cool Hand Ice is at your next event, you can expect a masterpiece!

Jess Parrish & Cool Hand Ice

Jess Parrish is the Owner & Founder of Cool Hand Ice.  He is a lifelong artist of various genres of art.  His sculpting abilities are World Class, not just in ice, but also pumpkins, sand, clay, whatever else can be sculpted & wood.  Jess grew up in the northern foothills of the Colorado Rockies, where his family owned a modest ranch property outside of Berthoud.  Jess’s art is very diverse.  He has incredible abstract masterpieces as well as an ability to create fine art, worthy of any museum wall.

Jess receives a great deal of support from his wife Joanna & they recently celebrated the birth of their first child.  They still reside in Longmont, Colorado, north of Denver.

What We’ve Been Carving Lately

We are much more than an Ice Carving Business!

Cool Hand Ice has always been carving various materials….. Sand Castles/sculptures are one of our specialties.  Also, pumpkin carving & Cool Hand Ice has been known for Jess’s phenominal talent, as well as, bringing in talent from around the world for pumpkin carving competitions, dispays & festivals!

Contact | Cool Hand Ice Team

Jess Parrish | JessParrish@CoolHandIce.com | (303) 669-0168

Joanna Parrish | JoannaParrish@CoolHandIce.com 

Jess often works out of A&K Ice, located in Denver.  You can find him there often times & you can feel free to contact them.  Ice sculpting is done with chainsaws & power tools... you can't always hear your phone, lol.

A&K Ice | 6330 Washington Street #6 | Denver, CO 80216 | (303) 808-8531