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jess parrish of cool hand ice

Getting the wheels turning again in 2018….

Nothing about Cool Hand Ice has ever come close to a stop, but…. maybe the online presence fell off a little bit.  Check us out on instagram & see what we’ve done in the past as we catch up to what we are doing now & what where we plan on going in the future!

Welcome Back To Cool Hand Ice!

jess parrish sculptures

It is the same Jess Parrish owned….

Like most businesses out there, you get busy.  Keeping up with your business’s online presence is a full-time job.  Expect us to be easier to find & presenting our masterpieces on a whole new level.  It’s a work in progress, but the website is the first step.

We want Jess Parrish & Cool Hand Ice to continue to be your first choice for an unforgettable, one of kind guest at any event.  World Class, featured on cable television & recipient of numerous prestigious awards…..!