Planning Your Next Event?

Cool Hand Ice Carvings are always a talking point for any event or party!
Are you planning your next corporate event?  Do you have an upcoming wedding & you are looking trying to create an amazing experience for your bride & groom?  Jess's creativity is virtually limitless.  Ask, he can do it.  Company logos, rings, hearts, luges & ICE BARS will make your special night absolutely unforgettable!
First off, if you have any questions or you are just more comfortable talking on the phone, call Jess.  He would love to discuss your party & set you at ease about the process, so you can focus on the other elements of your event!
(303) 669-0168
Cool Hand Ice's local services extend from Cheyenne, WY to Colorado Springs, CO.  Cool Hand Ice provides an all-inclusive service which consists of;  the sculpture being delivered with a drip tray, LED light (various colors available) & the setting up of the sculpture.  Jess is a pro, this is his passion.  Feel 100% at ease about your sculpture arriving in it's pristine form.  Cool Hand Ice will use a freezer truck, if needed.  Otherwise, the sculpture is delicately packaged in dry ice, completely insuring its safe arrival.  What Jess & Cool Hand Ice provide for you, is a work of art.  There is an immense sense of pride & care for each sculpture & each client!
Cool Hand Ice for your next party!